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Post by Momiji on Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:37 pm

General Rules

  • 1. The forums does not welcome any posts or contents that may contain hatred or racism.
    This may come in any form, may it be through images, videos, links, audios or through words inside the forum.
  • 2. This site does not allow anybody to post any contents that contains pornographic or explicit medias.
    This applies to posting of videos and pictures. Anyone caught will be sanctioned or subject to banning.
  • 3. Any bashing or any form of dispute inside the forums is strictly prohibited.
    Everyone who joins are expected to be professional and be mature enough to be civilized while participating in the community. This forum does not allow "children" into the premises
  • 4. One must not distribute personal information of another member without proper consent.
    We would like to respect the privacy of each and every member. If you want yours to be respected then do the same.
  • 5. Distribution of false information will not be tolerated.
    We would like this forum to provide facts rather than false information. If you're stating your opinion in your posts, kindly please use phrases such as "in my opinion" or "for me" or other else.
  • 6. Any form of copying or stealing is prohibited.
    We do not tolerate acts of copying and/or stealing in our forum. You are prohibited from taking anything in the forum that doesn't belong to you, especially design, concept and template. We encourage you to create your own original content. Anyone caught will be subject to banning.

Registration and Account Rules

  • 1. Username is equivalent to Character Name.
    If you wish to change your username to another name, feel free to send a private message to the God for a request.
  • 2. Contact details must be valid.
    You are free to lie about your profile information except for the contact information. We, at least, need a validated e-mail address for contact purposes.
  • 3. Be aware about privacy settings.
    We are not reliable about your private information being leaked out so please be aware that there are privacy settings to use.

Posting and Replying Rules

  • 1. Do not abuse the BBcodes.
    Avoid posting in all bold, all caps (unless needed), all underlined, all italic, using bright or contrasting to the background colors or any other posts that contains heavy customization.
  • 2. Do not overload one post with images or medias.
    Avoid posting with more than ten (10) images or other medias in one post. We would like to see every page of this forum to load fast and easier to navigate for everyone.
  • 3. Multi-posting, massive thread bumps or topic duplication is a big no.
    We are not blind, obviously. We may take time to reply since we have other things to do or your topic is not that interesting enough for other members.
  • 4. Construct interesting topics.
    We would like to see the forums full of topics with a lot of replies rather than full of topics which are being ignored.

All information written above may change without prior notice.

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